data tutorial

What data does
PRONTI ask for?

Pronti asks access for your Location, your Calendar, and if you want to share the app, it asks access to your Contacts.

Pronti is not using any of this information in any other way than for what is described below. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing this data, you can still use the app without these features.

  • Location Data

    Your location is used to get the weather data of where you are. Enable your location on the app for Pronti to show you the weather each day. This will allow you to make better decisions when choosing an outfit.

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  • Calendar Data

    Your calendar is used for you to be able to see the events you have to dress for during your day. Enable your calendar on the app for Pronti to show you the events you have each day. This will allow you to know what outfit to choose base on what affairs you have in the day.

  • Contacts Data

    Your contacts are used for you to share the app with your friends and family. When you first press the red share button at the top right corner of your home screen, you will be asked for access to your contacts.