Fall 2021 Trends

Here is a compilation of what we think are the top 5 trends of Fall 2021. We hope that these trends are something you are excited for…we certainly are!


Patchwork, fall trends, 2021

This is our favorite trend because it is the perfect combination between fashion and sustainability! Patchwork is coming back and it comes with love for our planet! Brands are taking their leftover fabrics and up-cycling them into beautiful garments.

The Canadian brand Guru upcycles vintage Indian saris and end-of-roll fabrics, sparing remaining materials from being sent to landfills. The Rasgulla saris are collected by bartering in Indian villages and are re-fashioned into amazing garments. For those of you unfamiliar with Sari fabric – each Sari is unique and can have the most amazing patterns, borders and designs.

Sequins, fall trends, 2021

2020 made us put all of our sequins at the back of our closet. Zoom meetings are not appropriate occasions to use shiny fabrics, even if we wanted to. But fall 2021 is opening new opportunities to wear those fabulous sequins!

Statement pieces were huge this past summer, and if anything, they look better than ever before. Think: oversize tees, colorful dresses, and embellished jackets. If you want to stand out without being too loud, then keep an eye out for these items when shopping for clothes later this year.


Knitted Polos, fall trends, 2021

Knitted polos are a wonderful and comfy fall trend! You can style a knitted polo with some jeans or even a cool blazer for in person work! We saw oversized tops crop up during New York Fashion Week earlier this month, and while they may not have made their way down the runway yet, don’t rule them out just yet. They could very well make a comeback at the end of the year.


Pop-colored jackets, fall trends, 2021

The 80’s Ski Aesthetics are back with pop-coloured jackets! Cold days in fall are going to be fun and colorful! This summer was all about neutrals, but now that autumn is approaching, expect to see plenty of color popping up everywhere. Whether they’re printed onto your favorite tee or incorporated into your outfit as a statement piece, these bold prints can’t go unnoticed.


Loose Denim, Fall trends, 2021

Skinny jeans (hard pants) are over!! Loose denim is back from the 2000s putting our confront above anything else. The trend towards slimmer silhouettes has been going strong since last spring, but it looks like designers will be taking things even further next season. We’ve seen everything from cropped pants to skinny jeans with an elastic waistband, so there should be something for everyone!


Layers aren’t exactly a new concept, but they seem to be making a big return this coming fall. Expect to see lots of cozy knits layered under sweaters, cardigans, vests, and outerwear. This versatile style works perfectly for both casual days and nights out.

Not all trends are for everyone, we all have our personal style. This is why you should start uploading your closet to Pronti so that you get personalized recommendations on what-to-wear and what-to-buy based on your own style. This way you get on top of the trends that resonate with your closet!

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