How to make the best out of Black Friday clothing deals?

This Black Friday is the first after being stuck at home. Even though clothing stores are open again, many of us prefer to stay warm and cozy and do online shopping instead.

Many clothing Black Friday deals are to die for. You just want to yell “TAKE MY MONEY AND GIVE ME EVERYTHING”!!!! But we all are smarter than that… (some of us)

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we can all really think about what we shop. How many times have we bought something because of the discount and then use it only once or twice because it does not go with the clothes we already have in our closet?

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday PRO TIP this year is to make the most out of the deals by seeing how the item you want to buy goes with the clothes you already own. With a smart wardrobe assistant like Pronti, you can upload photos of your clothes and get personalized recommendations on what to buy based on what you have in your closet.

The biggest Black Friday sales are not the ones that have the cheaper discounts, but the ones that you are going to make the most out of. If you buy a $10 shirt and use it once, it is more expensive than buying a $40 that you are going to use thirty times.

So, this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, get the best clothing deals by making smart choices. Pronti is a great shopping assistant for you to make the best out of all the offers.

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