Paz’s Style

How do you define your style?

I do not have a specific style. My style depends a lot on my mood and what activities I have planned for the day.

How do you get dressed in the morning?

I usually start by picking the bottoms because they define what I will do during the day. It all depends on what occasion I have to dress for. For example I choose either jeans, dress pants or sweatpants depending on the activity I am dressing for. Then I pick the top that works best with the bottom I chose and then I pair it up with a jacket and accessories.

Do you change outfits during the day?

Normally I don’t, but I do it for special situations. If I am going out during the evening either with friends or on a date I will normally change my outfit to better suit the situation.

Do you feel you are a fashion social chameleon? (You change your style based on your social situation)

Depending on the social situation. If I am going out to a party with a more elegant group or going out to a fancy place, I will make an effort to dress up more nicely.