Thank you for listening to Mila, our founder, talk about butterfly clips, “dirty bobbies”, and how fun, practical and transformative a good wig can be.

And thank you for being interested in our app!

Pronti is a smart wardrobe assistant app that gives you suggestions on what-to-wear and what-to-buy based on your closet items, choices, and mood. The app personalizes recommendations just for you as it learns your fashion style.

Steps to get your free wardrobe assistant:

  1. Download the app:

2. Create an account and upload your clothes!

The more clothes you upload to your closet, the better. Pronti’s technology learns from what you upload to understand your style. The more Pronti knows about you, the better suggestions you will get!

3. Don’t forget to rate it on the App Store and give us feedback!

We are just starting so ratings and feedback are a great deal for us. Help us grow and improve so you can have a better product 🙂

Use what you have, save time, and optimize your closet!