You don’t love shopping but you like new items

I am the kind of person that likes having new items in my closet but hates walking around a mall for hours or spending way too much time browsing through e-commerce platforms. Shopping is definitely not for everyone. Some of us just like to use our time in different ways than spending it overthinking if a new piece of clothing is our style or going to go well with the clothes we already have in our closet. 

When I started using a wardrobe assistant, the game changed. Using a stylist app is the best way you can discover new items without having to spend too much time shopping. A smart wardrobe assistant knows what is in your closet and understands your style. It curates shoppable items for you that go with the clothes you already own. You can optimize your wardrobe by only adding pieces that you know you are actually going to use. Pronti is a great example of a really good assistant shopper. The app gives you suggestions on what to wear and what to buy based on your closet, choices and mood. And the best part is that it is free!