Shopify retailer app

we want to recommend your products!

The Pronti smart wardrobe assistant will suggest your products to the people who best suit it through the shopping feature.

It is easy to get started if you are a Shopify retailer, just follow the steps below. If you are on another platform, reach out to us here - we can still work together!

follow these steps if you are a Shopify retailer


Download the Pronti - Apparel Recommendations App

Download the Pronti- Apparel Recommendations App in the Shopify App Store to connect your store. Your sites products and product details will flow to our smart assistant's recommendation engine.


Pronti will recommend your products

Pronti’s technology knows the user’s clothing style and their preferences. This is why it will recommend your products to the people that fit your brand’s market. They get curated, hard to find, items and you get exposure to customers who are going to love your items.

We especially love sustainable brands!


Pronti will redirect the customers to your site

Customers that are interested in purchasing your product will be redirected to your site and will finish the transaction there.

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